MedTrainer Credentialing

Recent Updates

March 2024

Lines of Business

A Lines of Business (LOB) section has been added into enrollment applications so that you are able to immediately view which payer (Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial Types) is used in each enrollment application.  

On a provider's enrollment details page, there's now a "Set Products" button in the Lines of Business section. By clicking on that button, you are able to select the required payer for the lines of business and add an effective date for the payer you selected.

February 2024

Privileges & Appointments

We have a brand new section on the MedTrainer platform that centralizes all of your staff's internal privileging appointments in one place. By attaching a provider's credentialing packet* to their appointments, the new Privileges and Appointments section makes it easy for you to view and track the appointments your providers have inside and outside MedTrainer.

The capabilities this feature provides administrators include:

How To Access It:

1. Log into your MedTrainer account:

2. Navigate to the mt | credentialing menu and click on the Privileges and appointments module.

*You have the capability to attach a credentialing packet for any new providers added to the platform. However, in this release, it's important to note that any providers currently on the MedTrainer platform will not have their credentialing packet automatically attached within the Privileges and Appointments section. 

February 2024

New Fields in Massive Enrollment Applications

State, enrollment NPI, and location fields are now available to facilitate efficiency in completing multiple enrollment applications.

Your current process for completing these applications remains unchanged, the introduction of these new fields is designed to save you valuable time by providing readily accessible and standardized information fields.

February 2024

Customize & Save Enrollment Dashboards

Customize your dashboards specific to your needs to prioritize information most valuable to your organization. 

Utilize widgets and relevant metrics to display your data. Additionally, dashboards can now be saved and referenced for future use.

February 2024

Streamline your Business Entities

The new business entities feature allows grouping providers by NPI and TIN under business entities instead of just by location.

How's it changing?

We've gathered all the essential details about each organization's entity in one convenient spot – the "business entity main page." Here, you'll get a close-up view, including vital info like locations, org NPI, tax IDs, and more, so you don't have to look around different areas.

What you need to know:

February 2024

Florida Verification Automation

Florida license verifications can now be completed automatically on the MedTrainer platform, similar to the automated DEA license verification process. This can be done when you add a provider to MedTrainer, or you can choose to initiate the verification process manually for any state whenever needed.

Our automated verification process not only ensures accuracy but also saves valuable credentialing time. It automatically validates the license and adds necessary data to the platform, freeing up more time for increased productivity in other aspects of your work.

Stay tuned for more states coming soon.

*FL ABA licenses cannot be automated.

February 2024

Delete Mandatory Provider Verification

When credentialing providers, you are now able to rectify errors, update outdated information, and remove irrelevant verifications with the newly added "Delete Mandatory Verifications" functionality. 

What's new?

You can now remove a mandatory verification from a provider’s profile. This is possible even if a verification has been set from the locations module. If you remove verifications from the location module, this will only impact newly assigned providers. The verification templates of your current providers will be unaffected. You can still assign verifications to providers from the locations module in the same process you currently use.

Important note

This improvement has also led to the previously available "Not Applicable" option being removed (since its purpose was to remove a verification).

February 2024

New Supervising Physician Field in Provider Profile

A new supervising physician field has been added to the MedTrainer Credentialing provider profile. Using this field, you can easily report on supervising physicians and ensure credentials are up to date.

Here are three ways to fill in this info in “Practice Information”

February 2024

In-App Reports - Pivot Data Sets

We're excited to introduce a valuable enhancement to our in-app reports – Pivot Data Sets. This feature empowers administrators to explore data in a more summarized and insightful manner by adding pivot columns and pivot values.

Key Features:

February 2024

Filter Chips

A new feature, filter chips, has been added in our in-app reports. These filter chips offer administrators a convenient way to view the active filters on a report without the need to open the filter panel.

With this enhancement, you can effortlessly see which fields the report is currently filtered by, as this information is always visible to you. However, please be aware that if you wish to modify or remove any filters, you will need to open the filters panel by clicking on the filter chips.

This update aims to simplify your reporting experience by providing quick access to filter information, enhancing the usability of our platform.

February 2024

“Comments” Field in provider profile

We're excited to introduce a new feature – the "Comments" field in provider profiles. This enhancement provides the ability to easily keep track of upcoming tasks and pending steps when credentialing providers.

How to Use this Feature:

February 2024

Org NPI Catalog 

Introducing our new Org NPI catalog! Experience seamless credentialing with accurate provider data, expedited processing, compliance, and enhanced patient care quality.

This menu is available under Organization management, when accessed it will display the Company’s Org NPI catalog table.

The screen has the following elements:

November 2023 

Create Enrollment Applications Faster

Save time by creating multiple enrollments simultaneously with the same basic enrollment information, such as state, location, and insurances, eliminating the need for repetitive data entry.

Provider information will auto-populate when creating an enrollment application from the provider profile to ensure consistency and accuracy throughout the enrollment process, reducing the margin for error.

There are two places where you can create mass enrollments: 

View the user guide

September 2023 

Provider Profile Completion Indicators

Easily identify missing information in a provider's profile long before you're ready to submit an application. 

New completion indicators are available for all information in the provider profile. 

If the number is less than 100%, you know there is information missing. 

Check out the one-minute video for a quick look.

September 2023 

One-Stop Multi-Location Control

Save time and ensure accurate credentialing by configuring mandatory documents and payers for multiple locations at once. View and edit crucial location information for all locations in one user-friendly table. 

Hear from a colleague:

"It’s convenient having all the locations together. You can quickly look and make changes like updating addresses and accessing providers and payers. This will make updating location information faster for sure.”

-Kathleen Sheridan-Dotson, Credentialing Director at BlueSprig

Check out the video for a quick overview.

August 2023 

CAQH Profile Management for Dental Providers

MedTrainer’s CAQH Profile Management feature is now available for Dental providers. This feature allows you to streamline provider information in 30 seconds or less, saving time and lowering the risk of errors by reducing the need for manual data entry. 

Store CAQH username and password in Provider Profiles under the Information Tab > Personal Information

June 2023

Enrollment Applications Dashboard

Efficiently achieve your enrollment goals with MedTrainer's Enrollment Applications Dashboard. Gain valuable insights, track metrics like application age and time-to-complete, and make informed decisions with ease. Say goodbye to manual data collection and streamline your enrollment process for maximum efficiency.