General Settings

Manage Basic Account Preferences.

You can edit company settings, change your notifications preferences, turn on extra security features, and more. 

How to set up a custom report?

Step 1: Log into your MedTrainer account:

Step 2: Once you are in your account, you may either: 

Now follow the steps below when using the New Report button.
Step 3: Select the new report button.

Step 4: Fill in the required fields by:

Step 5: Select the Create button.

Step 6: Start adding columns to the report through the Columns option in order to enable the grayed out options, including the Save and Save as buttons

Step 7: After having added some columns to the brand new report, select either Save or Save as buttons to save the new report

Step 8: Select the Save button on either the Save report or the Save as dialog windows

How do I reset my employee's password?

Step 1: Log into your MedTrainer account
Step 2: On the left-hand navigation panel, select Organization Management > Employee Center
Step 3: Locate the employee who has requested to reset their password
Step 4: Select the employee name and a menu tab will appear below the user's name
Step 5: Select Change Password and send the password reset link.

How do I create a new user?

Step 1: Log into your MedTrainer account

Step 2: Select Organization Management > Employee Center module
Step 3: Select Create account

Step 4: Fill out the blank fields that pertain to the employee, any field with an asterisk is a mandatory field that must be filled out
Step 5: Select Create

If you wish to add more than 1 employees using a CSV Excel File - in Employee Center Select the Upload CSV tab

Next, select Download CSV format - Where a CSV excel file will be downloaded to you computer
After, open up the excel file, and enter the required fields that pertain to each employee
Then, save the excel file to your computer, and upload the file to the Upload CSV uploader
Lastly, select Create 


For a video tutorial, click the video guide link for more details. video guide

How do I assign a couse(s) to employees?

Step 1: Log into your MedTrainer account

Step 2: Select the MT | Learning > then Couse Catalog module 

Step 3: Search for the course you want to assign

Step 4: Select the blank box, located on the right corner of the course
Step 5: Once the course(s) is/are selected click on the badge with a person icon in the light blue ribbion
Step 6: You will be directed to a new page where you will assign employees, which can be found by Location, Department, Position, Profile, and Employee Status
Step 7: Enter a Due Date

Step 8: Click the Assign button

For a video tutorial, click the video guide link for more details. video guide 

What does the company settings tab allow a user to do?

The company settings tab allows a user to update any general settings such as: enabling/disabling features, uploading your organization's logo, entering your provider number, reminder notifications, etc. 

How can one update information in company settings?

Step 1: Log in at MedTrainer

Step 2: On the left hand column, select Organization Management, and select company settings

Step 3: Choose fields you wish to update, and select save in order to view changes


Do the notifications in the MedTrainer LMS connect with external calendars such as google call, apple call, etc.

They currently do not. The notifications send through the system via email.

Contract Management Notifications 

What is the email notification cadence for contracts in the Contract Management Module?

The email notification cadence fo contracts.

Courses Notifications

What is the email notification cadence for past due courses?

The email notification for courses includes courses that are due in 30 days or less AND courses that are past due (expired) within the last 30 days. 

When are past due course notifications sent out?

Employees at any account level, who has past due courses will receive a notification every Monday. 

Will Super Admins receive a notification regarding past due courses from their staff?


Will the employee's Administrator receive a notification regarding past-due courses? 

Admins will receive notification regarding past-due course assignments from employees that belong to the locations they are administrators for.  

Will students receive a past due notification regarding their own assignments

Students will receive the past due notification regarding their own assignments becoming past due.

What settings must be enabled for the notifications to automate?

The settings must be enabled in:  

Employees will not receive a notification if they do not have the proper settings enabled.

Document & Policies Module Notifications

What is the email notification cadence for documents & policies?

The document and policy email notification cadence.

Who receives email notifications to an expired document or policy?

The Documents and Policies module only applies to employees who have been assigned to the document and policy.

External Transcripts Notifications

What is the email notification cadence for documents & policies?

External transcripts will send an email notification to the employees (student or admins) when they have an external transcript that is soon to expire or expired.

The email notification cadence: 

Credentialing Notifications

What is the email notification cadence for documents in the documents tab in provider profile?

The email notification cadence: 

What is the email notification cadence for Enrollments?

The email notification cadence: 

What does the email notification include (when document is expiring or expired)?

The email notification will include a list (titles) of documents expiring or that have been expired.

Who will receive notifications on credentialing, enrollments, and privileging documents? 

Licenses - Admins by location/Employees if enabled
Document requests/expiration - Providers

Tasks - Admin

Recredentialing - Super Admins & Admins

Approval - Providers

Rejection - Providers

Terminated - Providers

What to do if I cannot find an answer to my question?

MedTrainer's Customer Support is available Monday-Friday 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM CST.
Questions can be sent by emailing Support at