Admin Dashboard

Monitor team activities through a simple-to-use dashboard.

Super Admin.

What is the difference between the account levels?

Super Admin

Note: This access cannot be modified




What type of notifications will appear in the Admin Dashboard? 

Notifications such as expiring and newly assigned documents, policies, contracts, courses, etc. will appear at the top of the dashboard.

How do I remove the notification(s) from the dashboard?

Notifications can be removed when the user reviews / completes a requested document or assigned course. 


What do the sections: past due, in progress, completed define? 

The category past due, in progress, future assigned, and completed are sectioned in their own individual tabs. Depending on the chosen tab, items placed in that tab identify the status of the course. For example, if a course(s) appear in the past due tab, the Admin can select the following actions: "remind, unassigned, and due date." If the "remind" button is chosen, it will remind the employee of the due date of their assigned course. If the Admin selects the "send notification" button, an email will alert the employee they have a course that is past due and will remind the student they need to take the course. 

How does the Admin confirm that Supervisors received emails about past due training from their department? 

Step 1: Log in at MedTrainer   

Step 2:  Go to organization management 

Step 3: Click on location

Step 4:  On the right, where you have the location, you will see 3 different action buttons (edit, locations manager setup, delete). Select “Location Manager Setup”

Step 5: You are now directed to a page where you can view all of your managers. 

Step 6: On the right side, there will be a little envelope icon, underneath the 6th column that says “action”
Step 7: Click on the envelope to enable notifications

How does I print a course certificate in the Admin Dashboard?

In the admin dashboard, visit the team assignment section, select the "completed" tab (in green), choose the course certificate you wish to print. Select the text button that says, total number of user's, then select the arrow pointing down to download certificate. 

What are the purpose of filters in the Admin Dashboard?

The purpose of the MT dashboard is to keep compliance-related documents, policies, courses organized in sections. It will also provide notification alerts when an item is assigned or expired. 

How does one monitor course progress for each location?

This can be monitored via the Admin Dashboard by selecting a specific location from the top blue bar that has the Locations option. Admins may also run the report Assignment Drill Through Completion and filter by location, this will generate an excel file that will allow you to easily view the progress for all users. 

SDS Binder

What is a Safety Data Sheet (SDS)? 

A Safety Data Sheet is a detailed informational document prepared by the manufacturer or importer of a hazardous chemical. It describes the physical and chemical properties of the product. 

How can SDS sheets be viewed and/or downloaded?

Step 1: Log in at MedTrainer  

Step 2: Scroll down until you see SDS Binder

Step 3: Find the SDS report you wish to view/download. Select the icon of the arrow pointing down to view the report.
If you wish to download the report, select the arrow icon once more to download and view the report.