Incident Reports v3

Incident Reports.
Customize and create digital incident reports to automatically push through your escalation process.

What is the purpose of the incident reports v3?

Incident Reporting helps customers with the creation of incident reports, escalation matrices, customizing reports that are tailored for different incidents and solving reports.  The purpose of incident reporting is to identify safety hazards and develop interventions to mitigate these hazards in order to reduce harm in health care.

What are the three models of escalation?

Functional Escalation: When a report is created, at the end of it, it needs someone who will resolve or escalate it. If that person can’t resolve it, the report will now go to next person in the Escalation Hierarchy until someone resolves it.
The advantage that this method has is that it’s simpler and more straight forward and its disadvantage is that not many people are involved in the Report and the only evidence they have is from the person that escalated it.

 RACI Escalation: a Responsibility-Assignment model that describes the participation by various roles in completing tasks for a Project or a Process. RACI makes multiple people be involved in the resolution of the process at the same time. RACI’s roles are based on its name:

Anyone Escalation: Escalates the report to everyone. The first one that takes it will be responsible for its resolution. If that person can't resolve it, they can choose to escalate it to whoever they want because the model still stands.

What permissions does each letter allow a person to do using the RACI method?

RACI’s roles have different actions within a report:

R- Responsible
- Resolve (Request review is done by A)
- Open Conversations
- Request Responsible change

A – Accountable
- Change Responsible
- Open conversations
- Review Resolutions (Reject/Approve)

C – Consulted
- Answer/Open conversations
- Can Resolve if "R" Responsible requests a change - delegated by A (Accountable) 

I – Informed
- Receive email notifications

What are the steps in creating an incident report?

Step 1: Log in at MedTrainer

Step 2: On the left hand column, select Document Center, and select Incident Reports v3

Step 3: Click on the Escalation Matrices  > Select Create New Matrix

Once your Matrix has been will create a form 

Step 4: Select forms button > click on + Add form

Once your Matrix has been will create a New Incident

Step 5: Click the New Incident button
Step 6: Select the Form you have previously create
Step 7: Select continue
Step 8: Fill out the form > Select submit form when you have filled out the form