Document Tracking.
Set up customizable document lists and track previous versions, and send requests to providers through the MedTrainer platform. 

Documents Tab in Provider Profile.

What is the purpose of the Documents Tab in the Provider Profile?

The purpose of the documents tab is to house all mandatory Provider documents requested by the Admin. All documents are dictated by the Admins to be mandatory by all providers. Admins will be able to record and track documents On File, Active, Missing, Expiring, and Expired. 

What do the icons represent under the actions column?

How to upload a document?

If the document was configured in the locations tab > mandatory documents tab, follow the steps below.
Step 1: Log in at MedTrainer 

Step 2: Select MT Credentialing > Provider Profile

Step 3: Select the Documents tab

Step 4: Under the Actions column, select the upload icon (arrow pointing up) 

Step 5: Fill out the fields and upload the document

Step 6: Select the upload button to save

Note: If the required document does not exist please contact

How to ADD a document that is specific to a Provider?

Step 1: Visit the Providers Profile > Documents tab
Step 2: Select the New Document button
Step 3:  Fill in the fields & upload the document
Step 4: Select the upload button

What is the purpose of the "Add Request" button?

The Add Request button found in the Providers Profile, allows Admins to request document(s) from a Provider, Admin., or even a request to an external Admin (someone outside of the mt system).

You also have the option to send email reminders: every 3 days or weekly, until the request has been fulfilled. 

How to request a document?

Documents can be uploaded by the administrators that have access to the provider profile. 

Step 1: Log in at MedTrainer 

Step 2: Select MT Credentialing > Provider Profile

Step 3: Select the Documents tab

Step 4: Select the Add Request button 

Step 5: Select who the request should sent to, the documents associated with the request, reminders (id needed), and you may carbon copy any internal / external members to this notification 

Step 6: Select the Send Request  button

Where can request reminders be found?

In the Providers Profile > Documents tab, reminders can be found by selecting the Reminders for Requests button. 

How to cancel a requested document?

Only the user that receives the document request can cancel a request by selecting the Trashcan icon within the request link. 

Can you send a partial list of documents as a normal user?

Users will have to cancel the request for requested document in order to only return a partial number of documents. 

Note: The administrator of the account will have to resend the document request for the missing documents.

How to delete a document?

Documents can be deleted by selecting the Trashcan icon. 

Documents Module in mt | credentialing.

What is the purpose of the Documents Module?

The documents module in mt | credentialing will share an overview of all credentialing documents expired, expiring, missing, active, and on file per Provider (employee). 

Can I upload documents in the Documents Module in mt | credentialing?

Yes. Under the options column, you will see an arrow icon, select that icon to upload the document.

Note: All tabs: Expired, Expiring, Missing, Active, and On File will have this option for upload.

Email Notifications.

Who will receive notifications on credentialing documents?

Emails regarding: 

What is the email notification cadence for documents in the documents tab in provider profile?

The email notification cadence: 

When a document is expiring or expired, what does the email notification include?

The email notification will include a list (titles) of documents expiring or that have been expired.