MedTrainer Compliance

Recent Updates

March 2024

Conversations Dataset - Incident Reports

Introducing the new conversation section on incident reports. This section showcases all the comments and discussions surrounding each incident and who has reviewed the incident, making transparency simple and leaving you with confidence when an audit comes around. 

February 2024

Override Fields - Incident Reporting

This has been a highly requested feature and we're pleased to announce that four new override fields have been added into MedTrainer Incident Reports. The override fields make it easy to change incorrect information, while still keeping the data originally submitted. 

The new fields are: Override Location, Override Department, Override Incident Type, and Override Incident Subtype. 

With these fields you can easily uphold accuracy and enforce compliance, ensuring that your organization is transparent, accountable and prepared for regulatory purposes and audits. 

For more details, you can consult the user guide.

February 2024

Drag-and-Drop Bulk Uploads

New bulk document upload makes adding any number of documents into the system super easy. In the past, loading documents was time consuming, but we heard you and upgraded. Combined with drag-and-drop functionality, you are now able to upload large volumes of documents at once with a single action.

How to do it?

November 2023

Effortless Document Signatures, Anytime, Anywhere

Collect multiple signatures and initials from both internal and external users on a single document, all in a mobile-friendly format. No more cumbersome paperwork or endless back-and-forth emails for approvals!

New Steps To Gather Signatures:

Similar to our signatures feature prior, multi-signatures will work for PDFs, Word (.doc, .docx) and images (png, jpeg, jpg). 

From creation to completion and signatures, to back to editing, do all of your documents or policies within MedTrainer with our easy Docs Editor.

October 2023 

Find What's Important Faster with Subfolders

Simplify your document management with these new features.


Easily categorize and locate files even with a large volume of documents by creating folders inside of folders. Subfolders help maintain a cleaner and more manageable document management system, reducing the risk of misplacing or losing critical files.


Have a file on your desktop you want to upload? Easily click and drag the file to your MedTrainer folder to begin uploading.


Easily organize. Move multiple documents to another folder at the same time. Select 2 or more files, click the move button in the toolbar, and select which folder to move them to. 


Categories are now available across all folders providing you with a consistent and streamlined way to categorize and filter your documents, regardless of where they are stored. *You may see multiple categories if you had the same category in different folders previously.

July 2023

Fillable PDF Forms in Documents and Policies

Simplify data collection with MedTrainer’s Documents and Policies, enabling users to fill out fillable PDF forms within the system effortlessly. From 1040 tax forms to employee policies, admins can upload forms, share them with staff for completion, and automatically store the completed documents, streamlining your data management process with utmost convenience.

March 2023

Documents Viewer

The view document experience has improved to allow you to more easily manage documents and collect signatures. 

Check out the new viewer by heading to documents and policies and viewing a document.

March 2023

MedTrainer Reports Added Features

We've added some new features to all in-app reports to make navigating your data easier.

You can find these changes under all new in-app reports such as compliance reports, credentialing reports, learning reports, exclusions reports, and organization reports.

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