Live Training Calendar

Stay Organized.
Easily create and schedule live training courses for your staff to be automatically displayed on their MedTrainer platform.
Now you can rest assured that no one will miss out on important events. 

What is the purpose of the live training calendar? 

The tool that allows you to efficiently manage on-site training courses for your employees. 

How do I create training in the live training calendar? 

Step 1: Log in at MedTrainer

Step 2: On the left hand column, select MT Learning, then select Live Training Calendar

Step 3: On the top right hand corner, you will see button that say: rooms, courses, new classroom, and instructor. Select the topic and fill in the fields to create

Step 4: Select the date on the calendar to create training. A notification will appear, select "confirm."
This same action can also be done when selecting the "New Classroom" button on the top right corner.

Step 5: Now, fill in the appropriate fields, then select "next" at the bottom right corner, when complete, select "next" that is found at the bottom right hand corner

Step 6: Training has been created and updated in the calendar. When the training has been created for your staff it will be displayed on their student dashboard

Does the calendar allow me to invite specific participants to the live training?

Yes. The tool allows you to invite participants based on department, location, or position. 

How does the Admin retrieve a certificate in Life Training Calendar?

In the training details page, under the attendance column, the student must show "passed" in order for the Admin to retrieve the certificate. The Admin will need to manually update this column in order to retrieve the students certificate.