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March 2023

MedTrainer Reports

We've added some new features to all in-app reports to make navigating your data easier.

You can find these changes under all new in-app reports such as compliance reports, credentialing reports, learning reports, exclusions reports, and organization reports.

March 2023

Documents Viewer

The view document experience has improved to allow you to more easily manage documents and collect signatures. 

Check out the new viewer by heading to documents and policies and viewing a document.

Jan 2023

CAQH Profile Management

MedTrainer’s CAQH Profile Management feature allows you to streamline provider information in 30 seconds or less, saving time and lowering the risk of errors by reducing the need for manual data entry.

Store CAQH username and password in Provider Profiles under the Information tab > 3rd Party Logins

The following data will be imported:

Read the FAQ here


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